The GT Solution

Our pilot plant at SRI International in Menlo Park, CA, is fully operational.  If you are interested in an institutional partnership with GT, and wish to tour this facility, please contact us.

Global Thermostat's patent-pending technology removes CO2 from ambient air or other sources utilizing readily available, low-cost process heat. A flexible and scalable implementation, GT can be integrated with:

Legacy power plants, which become carbon sinks

Unlike other carbon capture methods, GT's air capture technology can be retrofitted into an existing facility, eliminating the need to redesign the plant's processes.

Renewable energy plants

Rather than simply avoiding the creation of more CO2 emissions, GT's direct air capture technology makes it possible for renewable energy plants such as concentrated solar power to be carbon negative.

Manufacturing facilities become carbon sinks

GT's air capture technology allows the capture of CO2 in conjunction with heavy industrial processes such as aluminum smelters, cement producers and refineries.

The process heat generated by these facilities following the production of energy or industrial output is used to capture CO2 from the surrounding air or other sources - at low concentrations - economically and efficiently.

Global Thermostat's technology can give the world the time it needs to develop new sources of clean energy, a cleaner and secure energy future - while increasing energy supplies.

Unique benefits of GT's Technology

  • Based on known and proven processes
  • Unique use of readily available surplus process heat
  • Makes carbon negative technology possible
  • Uses existing technology with most equipment off the shelf
  • Completely modular design allows greater flexibility and scale
  • Economically viable process for capturing CO2 from ambient air
  • Offsets emissions from non-point sources such as transportation
  • Increases energy supplies while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions
  • Ultimate flexibility in location requiring only heat and air

The catastrophic risks of climate change require a fundamental transformation in the production and use of energy. The global challenge is to increase energy supplies while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gases in the planet's atmosphere.

Global Thermostat's pioneering technology directly addresses this challenge.