Global Thermostat has assembled a brain trust of leading experts in the energy, sciences and climate policy fields as well as engineers, clean-tech entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Ben Bronfman

Principal, Business Development

Benjamin Bronfman is an entrepreneur responsible for bringing the founding members of the Global Thermostat team together.  He has a background in Politics, Activism, Science and Music. He is also a multi-instrumentalist.  Before bringing the GT team together he was on the Dean's list at Emerson College, majoring in Communications - Politics & Law.  In 2001 he went on to form the critically acclaimed alternative rock outfit The Exit and in 2007 founded Green Owl, an outlet for music, politics, fashion & social change with a focus on environmental sustainability.  He is currently the Associate Managing Director of GT.


Management and Advisors

Technology Team

Technology Advisors and Management Consultants

  • Ron Chance

    Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology; Distinguished Scientific Advisor Emeritus with Exxon Mobil (retired)
  • Christopher Jones

    Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Jerry Meldon

    Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Tufts University
  • Leann Taylor

    Former Executive at Warner Music Group & Gartner; Advisor, GreenOrder
  • Rocco Fiato

    Vice President and General Manager of Business Development & Planning, Accelergy