Global Thermostat has assembled a brain trust of leading experts in the energy, sciences and climate policy fields as well as engineers, clean-tech entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Christopher Jones

Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

Christopher Jones is a professor at Georgia Institute of Technology where leads a research group that works on materials design for catalytic and separation applications. A major component of this work is developing amine-functionalized solid materials for absorptive separation of CO2 from dilute gas streams.In particular, his group is working to develop a class of adsorbents referred to as hyperbranched aminosilica (HAS) materials for post-combustion CO2 capture from flue gas.In collaboration with Global Thermostat, Dr. Jones has demonstrated that these materials are also outstanding sorbents for the removal of CO2 from even very dilute gas streams, such as ambient air.He has partnered with Global Thermostat in the development of new, efficient air capture processes. Dr. Jones received his PhD in chemical engineering from California Institute of Technology.


Management and Advisors

Technology Team

Technology Advisors and Management Consultants

  • Ron Chance

    Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology; Distinguished Scientific Advisor Emeritus with Exxon Mobil (retired)
  • Christopher Jones

    Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Jerry Meldon

    Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Tufts University
  • Leann Taylor

    Former Executive at Warner Music Group & Gartner; Advisor, GreenOrder
  • Rocco Fiato

    Vice President and General Manager of Business Development & Planning, Accelergy