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Rocco Fiato

Vice President and General Manager of Business Development & Planning, Accelergy

Dr. Rocco Fiato is Vice President and General Manager of Business Development & Planning at Accelergy. Dr. Fiato has over 25 years of experience in strategic planning and intellectual property management from the Oil and Gas industries. Dr. Fiato has held various senior positions at ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company including Technical Advisor to ExxonMobil Law Department (including coordination of major patent interference and patent infringement cases before the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit), Head of Competitive Assessment in the Gas Processes Division of Process Engineering Department at ExxonMobil, and was most recently the Intellectual Property Coordinator / IP Manager of the Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) Technology Division. In his latest role, Dr. Fiato was instrumental in the development, enforcement and licensing of 3500+ patents on GTL Technology.

Dr. Fiato has served as Chairman of Energy Frontiers International (EFI) and Finance Chairman of the Natural Gas Conversion Board (NGCB) since 2005. He is also a member of American Chemical Society, a corresponding member of SAE and has been actively involved in programs for DOE, NSF and National Research Council. Dr. Fiato is a named inventor on more than 65 US and 250 issued or pending foreign patents and has published over 42 industry publications on a range of catalytic processes.

Dr. Fiato received his Ph.D. Physical Organic Chemistry from the University of Rochester and BS in Physical Organic Chemistry from Clarkson College in New York.


Management and Advisors

Technology Team

Technology Advisors and Management Consultants

  • Ron Chance

    Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology; Distinguished Scientific Advisor Emeritus with Exxon Mobil (retired)
  • Christopher Jones

    Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Jerry Meldon

    Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Tufts University
  • Leann Taylor

    Former Executive at Warner Music Group & Gartner; Advisor, GreenOrder
  • Rocco Fiato

    Vice President and General Manager of Business Development & Planning, Accelergy